PRODUCT Data Quality

is the key to increase turnover on Carrefour Marketplace.


Inventory template, category tree and API documentation are available in the download section below.


Stunning images

To fit in Carrefour Marketplace visual identity, product images should:

  • feature a pure white background
  • not contain any watermark / brand name
  • respect a ratio of >80% of picture size taken by the product
  • up to 8 images / product
  • be > 1000px. on the smallest side

This last requirement will enable a zoom when a mouseover action is detected.

This helps the customer to better understand the offer.

Well formatted titles




Sport Shoes Adidas Raptor X - Yellow 43 - Waterproof



Product title, description, and localized attributes such as color, size, licence, scent, etc. must be translated in the local target language.

Products must comply with the local regulations, especially when they are imported: informations on the box, accessories such as electric plugs, ...

Manufacturer Barcodes

Carrefour Marketplace is compatible with UPC (12 digits), EAN (8 or 13 digits), and GTIN (14 digits) barcodes.

Barcodes must be provided by manufacturers and valid as per the GS1 specifications.

If you are a manufacturer or a distributor of products that are not yet barcoded, we recommend contacting GS1 to reserve a barcode range and start barcoding ahead of listing the inventory on Carrefour Marketplace.

Caution: Using different barcodes when manufacturer barcodes exist is strictly forbidden.

  Caution, this is not a valid barcode. Checksums can be verified on GS1 website.


Caution, this is not a valid barcode.

Checksums can be verified on GS1 website.

INVENtory files and templates

After reviewing carefully the above recommendations, download the files to create the inventory in Carrefour Marketplace environment.