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Starting sales on Carrefour marketplace is a 3 steps process: candidates must create a seller account, provide their product data at the right format, and ship items that are ordered by the marketplace customers. 

This website is intended to provide all informations that sellers may need during their onboarding process. If some information were not precise enough, you can contact us with specific questions.


CREATE your SELLER account

Are you decided to become a seller of Carrefour Marketplace? Click on the get started link below and follow the onboarding workflow: we will start by a few questions about your business, review the seller agreement and provide you with a file template that should be used to create and update your products.


Provide quality product data

Quality product data is the key to making sales and becoming a top seller. Quality product data means great pictures, great titles and providing various attributes that help customers understand, filter, and purchase their favorite items.


Get sales!

Connect with Carrefour's loyal customers and with the new generation of e-customers in a single platform where the customer experience is optimized to increase conversion: the transformation ratio between traffic and sales. Start selling today in order to gain visibility across a new pool of customers.


Get paid!

The payment workflow at Carrefour Marketplace has been automated in order to ensure timely payments, every 7 days. Develop your cashflow with Carrefour Marketplace.


Contact Us

Carrefour Marketplace Seller Information team provides support to key sellers. Please allow 2 open days for the team to get back to you. In the meantime, you can check the FAQ.


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