How shipping fees are calculated?

There are 2 shipping methods available on Carrefour Marketplace: by a Courrier and by the Polish Post.

Carrefour Marketplace sellers are responsible for shipping the products to the final customers.

Commission fees apply on product price + shipping price, VAT included. The percentage of commission is specific, depending on the product category.

How customers obtain invoices?

Each customer has a possibility to contact sellers through the platform. In the contact, customers can request an invoice. Sellers can respond through the platform and attach an invoice document (for example a pdf invoice) to the message.

How sellers receive invoices from Carrefour marketplace commissions?

Sellers receive invoices on their own Seller Account on Carrefour Marketplace Back Office. There is a dedicated section, where sellers can find all invoices from Carrefour Marketplace commissions. 

How sellers can add product data on Carrefour Marketplace?

There are three options to add product data on Carrefour Marketplace:


 1) Add a single product manually in Back Office environment

  • It is necessary to log in the seller account in Carrefour Marketplace back office.
  • Then choose My Inventory -> Add an offer -> Create a product
  • Please fill-in all product attributes. Mandatory fields are marked with a red star.


2) Add several products in bulk

Best is to fill a XLSX or CSV product template: Carrefour General Template.

  • Head to the first sheet "Data Definitions". It contains detailed descriptions of each product attribute, along with an example and an indication of importance of this data: whether a particular feature of the product is Required, Recommended or Optional. Only products with all Required attributes filled will be created.
  • The second sheet "Full Example" shows some examples of correct data input. in a sheet containing all headers.
  • Other sheets such as "Electronics" or "Decoration" contain only the attributes applicable to those categories. If you can provide only a subset of those attributes, you may delete empty columns. However, if mandatory attributes are missing, products will not get created.
  • When the template is filled with product data, seller can upload it in Carrefour Marketplace back office from the seller account: My Inventory -> Import from File
  • Then, Select the file -> File content : Offers and products -> Import mode : Normal


3) Mass product import synchronized with Your product database.

Caution: this method requires custom developments in order to connect Your product database to Carrefour Marketplace environment. If you are new to web services and APIs and/or your developers are not familiar with those methods, CSV might be the best way to get the inventory created at first.

  • In Carrefour Marketplace back office, obtain an API key.
  • In the top right corner there is a Sellers email address. Please click on it and chose a section "API Key".
  • The next step is to obtain a private API key by clicking on "Generate a new key".
  • When a Seller has already obtained a private API key he can start to integrate his own system with Carrefour Marketplace. In order to get to know the API documentation, please contact with Marketplace Team.